My interview I did for an recent article here is the transcript below

this article is about and listed below is the interview i did with one of the co founders


[10:54] DarkRaven Skytower: first off in the past there been subject of crashing allot in the beginning now it less or none existance what can u tell people coming over to u grid about the changes you made to prevent crashing?

[10:57] Elenia Llewellyn: There were a lot of reasons originally for the amount of crashing that happened. It could be from memory leaks maxing out the memory allocated to the region, to deadlocks found in the code. There are several steps we took to alleviate the issue for our residents: 1) Deadlocks were hunted down and fixed; 2) Memory leaks were identified and fixed so that most regions now consume far less memory than ever, even when a party is going on, and doesn’t continue climbing for no reason; 3) Gave our residents the tools they needed to do their own restarts and control their sim far better.

[10:59] DarkRaven Skytower: 2nd question when some people saying this grid is undeveloped what do you think they mean comparing it to other grids?

[11:03] Elenia Llewellyn: That’s an interesting question, and we do quite a bit of reading in terms of what seems to be expected of us as a grid. I suppose there are two schools of thought out there, that we should follow OpenSim or SL. Therefore, we are missing out on “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome I suppose. Some of the things out there, such as mesh, physics, MoaP, etc., were “easy” implementations if one wasn’t looking at the broader scope of what InWorldz hopes to achieve. We have spent vast quantities of time and manpower to ensure that those items are done, not just done, but done correctly. PhysX of course was almost a year long endeavor for us to get done along with ensure that region crashes did not happen, and bugs were worked out. MoaP (Media on a Prim), was rather easy for us to include. Mesh is in beta testing as we wish to do that correctly as well and make sure that it works in hand with PhysX properly. We don’t want to lose some of the best parts of what we have currently to new technology.
[11:05] Elenia Llewellyn: We are now at a point though, where comparisons are beginning to end. And we’re moving forward since we’ve fixed most of the core components to accommodate our residents.

[11:06] DarkRaven Skytower: 3rd question is there any plans on working on the search function with many stores being created like a directory much like how other grids have it ie, sl

[11:07] Elenia Llewellyn: Oooo, that’s a really neat question you bring up!
[11:08] Elenia Llewellyn: The simple answer is yes on that, and is in the works, but I think our users will find out that it will go well beyond their expectations.

11:10] DarkRaven Skytower: 4th question with the way ssb is gonna be and with the main viewer being used by residents sl and iw is there any plans on working with firestorm to make it a defult or one of the choice of the viewer of iw use
and do you see with ssb is being done is that an advantage you all have over most other grids

[11:15] Elenia Llewellyn: I would think to actually say we’ll implement anything without seeing the side effects of adding more to the server to do, would be premature on our end. We tend to really analyze the things we implement and ensure that we don’t add anything unnecessary that would create further encumbrances on our residents experience.

[11:16] DarkRaven Skytower: 5th question the other concern simply is inworldz needs designers but they cannot yet pay designers to come there

The market is not yet stable enough.

basic make money we design out of the love of it but also to make money of some sort its why many top designers who went to Inworldz many have come back. There are not enough things in place to protect our designs from being stolen there.

if you look on marketplace for second life many creators are making it abundantly clear you can not take creators designs to other worlds without getting a licence or clear direction from the creators or not at all because Inworldz and other places do not have support for creators and designers in place to protect our rights. You can dream always dream but you do not shift your company without protective items in place to protect the integrity of the designers and creators.
: thats what it is missing.

[11:22] Elenia Llewellyn: Well, I can’t answer the concept that the economy is not stable enough yet, as again we’ve just reached record amounts paid out in cash out today. Our economy has been on the uptick for about 4 months now, and quite a few of the big named creators are here, and making money.
[11:23] Elenia Llewellyn: In regards to “safety”, we’re DMCA registered, and we do follow through on any DMCA sent to us. Where a creator wishes to sell their goods at, is really up to them, and we honor that, and we’ve often taken the side of creators and their permissions. Education to our residents to not violate those licenses is important, and they need to make sure they understand what they can or can’t do with those items.
[11:25] Elenia Llewellyn: Obviously, we can only enforce DMCA issued items, otherwise, we could end up in a lot of trouble. But we’re happy to help any creator walk through the DMCA process and how it needs to be done so they can get their items removed if need be.

[11:26] DarkRaven Skytower: this another question from a person ,,, I visited Inwordz several times now and was thinking about to expand my business there, but what can I do? 80% of LSL standard scripts don’t run there or (which is more worse) crash the entire region. And regarding the copybotting i simply have to say: Sorry, but my creations are to precious to be copied by others.

[11:29] Elenia Llewellyn: Our devs are more than happy to work with anyone who has a script that is not working properly, and it really does depend on what the script is or what it’s supposed to do. Phlox, right now without the Vehicle Implementation, is 99% compatible to LSL. The only area we’ve seen massive lag from scripts with Phlox running (and there are some really great stats out there comparing Phlox to Mono and LSL btw) is from the vehicle implementations or really fast asset affecting scripts, such as llSetPrimitiveParamsFast, when done en masse on a region.
[11:30] Elenia Llewellyn: Copybotting, again, falls under DMCA, and it is up to the creator to file one and we will respond as we have to in order to continue our Safe Harbor status.

[11:32] DarkRaven Skytower: another question what is being done about unapproved viewer from accessing the grid ie those viewer who copy bot is there an sensor or scanner somehow or a notice

11:40] Elenia Llewellyn: We have a list of unapproved viewers, but in reality, there’s not much you can do, it’s a simple code change for them to bypass that. Part of the inherent problems with opensource code when it comes to security measures such as that.

[11:45] DarkRaven Skytower: something that might want to be looked into is how easy is it to copy one’s entire inventory from secondlife into inworldz as we shouldnt have to start over

now i have a large inventory i would want to just take them from my sl inventory and copy them over, i don’t want to have to buy anything new to keep my avi looking as i do here. or is that possbile


[11:46] Elenia Llewellyn: The problem with that, goes right back to our above discussion, which would be violating Content Creator’s rights. Obviously, according to the SL TOS you can export anything that you are the full creator of, and that seems to be the best route to go when it comes to those types of items. Anything else, would bypass creator rights, and should not be explicitly allowed.


[11:47] DarkRaven Skytower: ok and thanks for you time is there anything you like to add
[11:47] DarkRaven Skytower: for the people reading this

[11:48] Elenia Llewellyn: I think these were really great questions first of all, and I hope we managed to dispell some of the myths out there about how we handle things and the direction we wish to move in as a grid and a Virtual World.


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