rob swim suit red africa

This a great is a great swim suit for males, i am just laying on the beach enjoying the waves, and i have on a skin from Egoisme nice detail to both items, and with the clothes in the beach collection you can mix and match as well, with the right windlight setting it brings out the greatness of the swim suit, the slurls and lm are belowImage


Skin ➀ Egoisme ™ Main Store

rob swim suit red africa Vero modero

working out at the gym

this outfit is from  Vanity House Of Designs, it is for both men and woman, It is a nicely done outfit, and its mesh. You can wear this anywhere and get notice and the shoes I got from market place. I play basketball in sl and I think this is a great outfit for before games, and after games, or if you just want to go out in sl and explore. Here are the slurls belowImage

ace plaid outfit  Vanity House Of Designs

sneakers market place

gym place