HETH HAUTE COUTURE Zayn Men’s Ensemble

This is a great design, and a great sim. This ensemble is great to wear to a club, casual, or business. It is great if you wanna mix and match it with any style of paints or shoes, and also this is all mesh the shoes the pants and the trench  coat  and i am pairing this with an nice skin and hair from dura boy. This is in its true form of couture, style class, and grace. The locations are below


Winter moon

HETH Haute Couture

Dura boy hair

evian skin


The Man In Black


Check out the newest release from Bravura.   The details on the suit jacket are stitched with perfection, as is everything else on the suit.   The glasses and scarf are perfect finishing touches to accessorize this look, both are included in your purchase.

Bravura Suit Madrid Poses_003

Bravura Suit Madrid Poses_004(click pics for larger view)

The Suit “Man in Black” by Bravura will be available at Sneak Peek on the 25th.

Poses by Posesion – Madrid Set 199L for 10 poses – available at Kustom 9

Also worn:

.Shi Hair : Poise [Black w Resizer]
Moondance Boutique SlinK Avatar Enhancement Chrome Nails
~Tableau Vivant~ Ren Skin – Tone 05

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this is given to me, by my great friend Steele Sirnah

This is a great suite and tie, and also id paired it with some loafer and match the color, and also the tie is yellow/gold so ill made the tips of the loafers gold also. This style can be a look to go out on the town or just at a club, and every day use, or you can mix and match the suite and the pants it is a great design, and go with any occasion and style and any look, you going for. The location will be below.


!:Lybra:! Stefan – Suit Jacket and pants

jcny jewelry the location of the pic

Dura boy hair

skin group gift

Humphrey Bogart

I took this shot at bogarts part of franks clubs, I am wearing an suite and tie, and a nice fedora  hat, this outfit is mesh, mesh looks great. The fedora was free Tres Beau, the skin is Russo skin style 3 by Tellaq, and also the whole suite was bought on marketplace, This can be warn on any place clubs,, ballrooms, anything rather just out on the town, or just listing to classical music. The locations and links are at the bottom


Tellaq skins

the suite

Bogarts jazz club