#veromodero sun glass sitting on the beach

sitting on the beach with some nice glasses on these are called VERO MODERO / Sunglasses’15 watching the waves as they go buy here is the pic and location below.



criusin in my fire red caddy ty to Nakuru Bergamasco for the help

Many thanks goes out to Nakuru Bergamasco for letting me use his garage, and this is a nice caddy 2 fire red maroon. This car has great poses, This is from Image essentials, and nice detail to it too, below is the location which is in the picture and the picture also.

caddy 1

IE – vintage_3

This is from there Vintage set, and much like others very nice details go into the poses the hands are right the legs, and others. I tried to find a sim that fit the pose, or theme i cannot always, but i try the pose is from Image essentials and the link and the pic are down below.

IE - vintage_3

Image essentials   IE-vintage _3

sf design Finsbury outfit grey #InWorldz

Hello all i got me on a fedora and a great mesh outfit from sf designs this was taken in #InWorldz and this is a demo skin from redgrave which is among the great skins maker. This pic is with the backdrop of the sea and the sun. here is the pic and locations below for both grids.

sf design Finsbury outfit grey_001

SF Designs #InWorldz SL Finsbury outfit

*PosESioN* Mainstore   Avant garde  pose

rather you go to sl or Inworldz grids you can find this outfit under the same name

Relay for Life plz donate

I am typing today about Relay for Life this is for #InWorldz Now regardless if you what you think about Inworldz, you all have to agree that RFL is a great cause. As I said I know those in sl Inworldz is a touchy subject, but regardless please help out. Rather it is in sl or Inworldz To some Inworldz and sl is an outlet  for things I cannot and not able to do IN rl. here is the logo down below.


Plz follow these people




Regardless of what grid were are we can donate regardless of the amount anything helps