GIZZA July Group Gift and nice pose placement

This one one of great by Gizza nice long pants is with them, they have great prices and really are great fashion and i have on an skin which is a group gift called evian, I suggest this can be worn to any kind of event it is casual, but can be worn on an classy settings too and here is the locations and the pic below

gizza July group gift_001


Evian skin group gift



Gizza Group Gift For October

This is a nice sweater pants combo, can be worn anytime at any day. you cannot see it but the color is blue. Will go with any pic and any background, rather you clubbing the shoes are loafers and the pose is a grin the strut it hud skin is a group gcalled evian the location and the picture is below



HOC Industries 

skin a group gift

VHD Diamond Tuxedo

This is a nice tux, you can wear to a ballroom or anywhere, it has nice detailed to it, and nice color scheme to it aswell, and you can mix at match the peaces of the outfit also. It is 1920 style vintage but if you mix and match it goes with anything and a nice pose that i got from katink also. The pic and slurl is belowImage

Chicago 1920’s  

Zakk 5 pose KaTink Poses and More..

Vanity House Of Designs Mainstore!


edit sl is being a paint and not opening slurls for me so let me know if it the wrongs one

this outfit was styled by Teresa Tatham she a great dj too

This outfit was styled by the lovely Teresa Tatham, and with the russo avatar by tellaq it is a great combination of style and classes, that you can also where to any club atmospher or just being on a casual afternoon, here is the pic below.



EC Box Amiral    Marketplace

EC ABL Army Boots Marketplace

TLCC jacob Deep blue jeans market place

looking for a new hair do

I was walking down the street and found a hair store called Hair Region at Something Estate and the hair is on the sl market place it is a promo it is called anara hair talia pack.

My thought on this dress is that i like this allot for any female who going to a club or out shopping or sim hopping, you will be amazed at the great looks you get from wearing this outfit from this designer,and the designer name is ZzoieZee Resident she has a nice sim wide open so compliment her or im her, or notecard her on the lovely design that she did and more are coming. the slurls are at the bottom.


Hair Region at Something Estate, Hair

anara hair talia pack   sl market place promo pack

this is a design of ZzoieZee Resident it is called  ZE Bridget CHECKMATE

gold standard in fashion

These are gowns and dresses you can wear out anywhere in sl aswell to an ballroom also you be a star in these gowns vero modero this skin i have one is  a free newb skin, but any shape and skin will look great here with these gown below is the pics and the link one is called ginto gown and the other called Oro gown


Image [VM] VERO MODERO Fashion               



This is called the sf designs Henley with dress shoes from sf designs. I like this I can wear it to anything partying or casual events, this is from my own inventory not donated saddly hehe, but i love the styles of designers so i will blog even what i already have even if its not a new style to them the sim is nice also it has no lag and nice bright colors and suites and clothes for anything rather party modeling or what not.  I also have on what is called Fruk group gift skin its called the frence on skin it is great here is the links coming up.

sf designes henley

fruk the frence one skin