REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION #style #greatness

this is me again I am reviewing this super nice fedora it represent style, and class. It will go with any kind of suit, and any color, and I like that it has nice detail. here is the pic and location below.

RO Fedora_001



nunzio pants vito shirt combo

A walk in the flowers with this clothes you can wear it anywhere and still be fashionista, and also this is so great brand among all the others the mesh shop is the shape, and the hair is MINA eyes is Ikon. This is so great of a style and great group, and when you buy from them you getting top rated support as the others. this is a fab sim also bright color, nice detail and also peaceful, here is the locations and pics.


Pic location japan tempura island

Hair MINA Hair

lybra Nunzio vito combo

the mesh shop mesh shape

VM Modero Group gift men

This is the location is so beautiful as others are, it is called An island of worn ancient cliffs sheltring a garden of wonders; Lost for countless ages in the midst of a vast ocean, home to Jinn, Elves and gentle spirits. This is a great combine of style pants and causal but great over sweater and green, and also do not put on the alpha for the pant it will mess up just put on the pants the pose and the pic and location will be below.

VM Moderon male group gift

sands of time Location

.:IsoMotion:. avants garde pose

Action Mesh hair

A day in the sun Mesh suit with my katink pose Krump 3

 I found this mesh suit on market place, and its not very expensive either, in case you looking to make an impression, or in case you are new to sl. This goes with any shoes especially color changeable shoes, I got the shoes from sf designs. I also like this mesh suit, because it can be casual to a fashion show, or if you wanna go out clubbing, the shape was edited by my good friend BonieFacio, the shape is Aeros avatar theo, and the shoes are from sf designs  emilio shoes black here is the pic and the lm’s below. The pose was bought at Katink.



Quiet Wilderness

Mesh suit was on Market place

sf designs emilio shoes

Aeros Avatars

Katink pose Krump 3

april 13th male hoodie

this is a great combo of pants and hoodie, i added the pants and i got hair from kmadesigns it was a group gift, these designers do great things with mesh clothes, i cant wait to see whats next after mesh, Here is my thoughts these mesh clothes when I go out to rl and i see stuff that says mesh it looks exactly the same it is great how it looks in sl compared to rl. listed below is the slurls and picImage

1920’s sim

vero modero male hoodie


kmaddesighs hair

easter suit

this is a easter suit form vero modero march male gift the hair is called slide dark brown from madesigns and the shoes is dugg tassled loafer that way you can go casual buy also be stylist also the slurls below it’s mesh.

easter_001bBotanica, Spring Gardens Easter Egg

duh shoes loafers

madesigns slide hair