Vero Modero brandon fur coat

this my first blog post in a month this is among the best designers in sl this is a nice fur coat this can be warn with anything the hair is from dura boy and the pose was given to me as a gift here is the location and pic below

brandon fur coat w ck_11 pose _001

Vero Modero fur coat

dura boy hair

pose was given to me as a gift


[VM] VERO MODERO / Deli Green Mesh and tank/jacket

great pose selection, and great clothes from Modero the pose was ck_11 pose 2 the hair was dura boy brown here is the pic and the location  in the bottom

Deli Line Mesh Male ck_11 pose 2

Deli Green Mesh and tank/jacket  [VM] VERO MODERO

Dura boy hair dura 

the pose was given to me as i give i do not know where she got it

[VM] VERO MODERO / Red Boxer Laying at -Baja Norte-

I took this pic at one of sl hotspots called -Baja Norte-  super nice beach the waves, the everything cool color with my skin tone of the skin, and to think stuff this great are group gifts it is amazing great the skin is a group gifts and the boxer is red group gift the locations and pic are below

vm medero red boxers

-Baja Norte- beach

vero modero red boxers group gift

april 13th male hoodie

this is a great combo of pants and hoodie, i added the pants and i got hair from kmadesigns it was a group gift, these designers do great things with mesh clothes, i cant wait to see whats next after mesh, Here is my thoughts these mesh clothes when I go out to rl and i see stuff that says mesh it looks exactly the same it is great how it looks in sl compared to rl. listed below is the slurls and picImage

1920’s sim

vero modero male hoodie


kmaddesighs hair