[4NG4H] Gentleman’s Jacket Black Realink Drugstore

the store is called Realink and right now its only on marketplace, the jacket comes in 2 version. Advanced lighting Model, and inclused only jacket. here is the pic below and the link. I did the background my self.



BPd Promises that shall not be: Julia hat

This is a new designer im blogging for it is a nice hate BPd Promises that shall not be: Julia hat. Called Beyond Persuasion design, and the background i did myself.

if you see green its not part of the hat its my error

Nice purple and black combo also here is the pic and location



VERO MODERO White Dream Gown

This im posting is a white dress, I added the glow to bring it out more. It comes in 3 other colors, and also come any difference sizes, and also the furs coat is great with these also. this was done at my skybox. Perfect for ballrooms or just going out casual here is my pic




this is called  MATIN MARIN Pajama from LUXE Paris, it is mesh pj’s I love love mesh. Nice and long too, I love blogging it support the designers. The pose I made myself the pic and slur is below in the picture