This is called the sf designs Henley with dress shoes from sf designs. I like this I can wear it to anything partying or casual events, this is from my own inventory not donated saddly hehe, but i love the styles of designers so i will blog even what i already have even if its not a new style to them the sim is nice also it has no lag and nice bright colors and suites and clothes for anything rather party modeling or what not.  I also have on what is called Fruk group gift skin its called the frence on skin it is great here is the links coming up.

sf designes henley

fruk the frence one skin









this is from a grid called inworldz

This outfit is called Sir Robert it is nicely done not allot of prims but the prim collar is super nice and it is good on the detail . The black pants and the white suite goes good together nice designs also. the Cane adds a nice touch also I can go to any sim with this on its styling and yet casual also.



I dont have the slurl now but it is in a grid called inworldz

and the designer sim is called  The Nest Hawks Men and Womens Clothes



my 2nd post gizza with boots

this is a nice design I like this outfit out of many from my own inventory styling and classy also with the right pose you can make this out fit shine and i have on boots from NeurolaB Inc. This is name the gizza Dark Swan Outfit and I have on a skin from the menstuff its called evian kiku medium.

Gizza black swan outfit

NeurolabB Ince Ultimate Boots black

Skin evian – kiki medium hair swan_001