a mesh body with much help with jenstarveling

I didn’t know about the body shop until jenstarveling told me and for a free mesh body it looks great this is the name The Shops!  could never tell it was free, because the detail is so great, i didn’t not do it with a pose so i can show the greatness of it. Like I said many many thanks goes to the great and lovely  jenstarveling the location and the pic is below

the shops combined

The shops 

Many many thanks goes to jenstarveling for the help styling and match the color up and also they have a great hud on there sim

!:Lybra:! Dark Monarch

Great, great designer this is and matched with the right pose it is awesome the shoes not shown in the pic are from deadwood designs. I give Steele Sirnah credit for telling me about this this is awesome designer. The location and the pic are down below one is with the color and the other is without.

Lybra body combined

!:Lybra:! Flagship Store Dark Monarch

Razmataz Art, Poses and Animations pose