Nice suite combo from the men wear house

this is a great short hoody combo from the men wear house, and I also combined them with a group gift of black pants, and emilio shoes from sf designs. Like my previous post you can wear this anytime, and anywhere, it is casual, but not too casual. I bought a katink pose, it goes great with this, the links and pic are below.Image

Etham suite mesh and plain blk pants market place

Catlyn short 4 

evian Egoisme – skins and outfits for your fashion

waterfall ballroom

The Mens Dept

sf designs emilio shoes


A day in the sun Mesh suit with my katink pose Krump 3

 I found this mesh suit on market place, and its not very expensive either, in case you looking to make an impression, or in case you are new to sl. This goes with any shoes especially color changeable shoes, I got the shoes from sf designs. I also like this mesh suit, because it can be casual to a fashion show, or if you wanna go out clubbing, the shape was edited by my good friend BonieFacio, the shape is Aeros avatar theo, and the shoes are from sf designs  emilio shoes black here is the pic and the lm’s below. The pose was bought at Katink.



Quiet Wilderness

Mesh suit was on Market place

sf designs emilio shoes

Aeros Avatars

Katink pose Krump 3

shape reviews of both grids side by side

As you know I am in both grids inworldz, and second life I did an side by side avi comparison, and the shape was edited with help from BonieFacio of sl. Even though inworldz was crashy at first, when I started in 2011. But now they fixed all that stuff, now It is still a little bit crashy, but no worse and no better than sl is. Since starting in 2011 I seen people stay, and people go, those who stayed with it are seeing the good outcome, and people who gone some are coming back and some are not, but those that stay and come back see it, and tell others. Now wish sl tos on content creation, inworldz is looking more, and more than just an alternative grid, now sl will still be #1 but inworldz has step there game up on improvements, and if you think about it sl is bigger, so they can do more, but they do not want to. Now i am not bashing either grids, im just giving you my thought. I mean if it wasn’t for sl I wouldn’t of met such great people, same goes for inworldz. I like inworldz though you can build bigger, the uploads are free, the land and tier is less expensive, and inworldz has this thing called shapeup, which in the right idea and the right persons, it can be something big, i mean bigger than it already is. For example any charity that walk or run to raise money, that be a good idea for it, and one main one is health. Credit goes tos strawberry singh and her blog  

now here is the pictures of the avi the one in the grey is a shape edited by BonieFacio of sl, and the one in the blue is edited by me which I copy all the numbers from the shape that he helped me with




Both of the designs are sf design