#veromodero Kenan Jacket Army

This is a nice outfit from veromodero it is awesome as always, and it is mesh. It is a army jacket and blue jeans, all mesh also and this pose I’m using is called LABoS3601. This can be warn with anything, mix n match, and just love mesh. Here is the location and the picture below.



creative Fantasy Home & Garden @ Serenity Falls sim location

LABoS3601 pose


#Inworldz Ifeet beta

Hello this is me again, with a style that is in the #Inworldz grid it is called ifeet It is in a beta. It is there version of slink, I gotta say it mesh with the skin pretty nicely, and also there no separation in the ankles either. There is no appliers yet, but i matched up the skin best I could.

I think inworldz is an up and coming grid, with lots of possibilities if only people will see it the pictures and location is below